Saturday, 15 November 2014

Spray paint

Got a can of plastic soldier company's spray paint with a view to using it to mass paint my russians quickly, was a bit worried, as the paint is for use on larger scale models, and also is designed to be used as a primer and base coat all in one, that it might obliterate the detail on my 1/285th models.
So i gave it a try on a c-in-c t34 and while i was at it i had a can of battlefront's middlestone spray for german armour knocking around so gave that a go on a ghq stug as well.
  They came out pretty well. Coverage is good and i didn't lose any of the fine detail.This is going to really speed up painting large numbers of tanks. One word of caution if you try it is when you first spray don't panic as it looks like a lot of the detail is gone but as the paint dries it returns.

Friday, 7 November 2014


Here is a soviet heavy SU regiment equipped with isu-152's,
just right for suppressing german 88's. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

At Last!!

A post!
been a while since i last posted, things have been up and down, but everything is better with tanks so here is some pictures of what i've been upto
Got my hands on some GHQ models and i have to say they might not be cheap but you can certainly tell the difference.
befitting these quality models i tried stepping up the painting with adding in some dry brushing for a first time for me. even though i'm still getting the hang of it i am pleased with the result and i shall be using it on all my painting jobs from now on.
Still cant get my static grass to stand up well though.
Jagdpanther (yet to add unit id to base) 



 more stuff coming soon hopefully

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Unit ID

In a new first i based some units with static grass. I used 1mm static grass so it didn't look to tall but I'm still working on how to get it to stand up.Also with these units i printed out some unit id's to go on the rear of the bases, since i play blitzkrieg commander or spearhead each base represents a platoon, it just kind of adds a little something to the story of the game at least that's what i think anyway.

                      Cromwell squadron

                                      close up of base

           Some Pz iv/70 of 116th panzer division

Sunday, 16 March 2014

H&R He177

I painted this up and it didn't seem quite right to me, on closer inspection in some books i noted that the model represents an early mark where;s the most numerous and version i, like the A-5 has two turrets on the upper body. So i decided to add these with modellers putty and put some machine guns made out of household paint brush bristles much better.

Lost my bag of flight stands somewhere in the house move so its grounded for now.As for the colour scheme i went for German day bomber colours as i see this aircraft hitting targets on the eastern front using its speed and altitude to avoid russian fighters, can never get mottling to work though must get an airbrush at some point.