Thursday, 11 April 2013

Heroics and ross

With the loss of Fort wargames  website and Heroics and Ross not having many pictures there is no where to go to see H&R models without paint so you know what you get. One day i might get a website up for all these pics but in the mean time i'll post photos of any new models i get before their painted as well as after.
Heroics Ross He177

Heriocs Ross Mosquito

Heroics Ross Me410

Heroics ross Pe-2

Heriocs ross vikings

Monday, 1 April 2013

Got my latest order from Dom's decals so spent some time putting them on all the aircraft I've already painted, Dom's is a great source for decals, real great value for money too. the only thing is you need to allow plenty of time when you order his not the fastest but he is only a one man band and only does decals in his spare time.
1/300th aircraft Heroics ross

IL2 sturmovik

The ranks of my air forces continue to enlarge, here is the latest a couple single seat IL2 by H&R
Heroics Ross il2


Did i quick paint job last night on a resin church i picked up off ebay, in fact i got 7 buildings for a few pounds they were classed as miscast but since they are ruined buildings any way i cant see anything wrong with them.