Wednesday, 17 August 2011


here is a guide to  how i paint
its quick and easy because i don't really like to paint but i don't like to use plain metal minis in my games.
i've seen much better paint jobs but it'll do me
i use vallejo paints mostly because of the exact camo colours they make  but also cheap acrylics from art  and craft shops for basic colours like white and black
i'm painting some german armoured cars a mix of H&R sdkfz 234/1(2) and 232


First stage undercoat
for this i use a humbrol spray black


next i brush on the base colour (middlestone)


then i add a set of wavey lines (reflective green)


then the second colour (some cheap brown)


next in the case of these A/C's is to paint their tyres black


then i give the models a quick wash with coat d'arms black wash. this is a water based paint which is easy to use, you could mix your own but this is right thickness allways and is there when you want it.


last step is to varnish i use a spray can of matt varnish from games workshop but even though they say matt i've never found a varnish that dosen't shine, then i came across tester's dullcote. what a miracle! goes over the varnish and total dulls it. now everything i paint gets a coat.

Friday, 5 August 2011


CinC T34-76, miles better than H&R, don't know how compares to GHQ haven't got any but comes in 3s not 5s so less waste when building units, luckly for me i wanted just 3 for a company for blitzkrieg commander.
in the uk i recomend getting them from wargames emporium in sheffield excellent postal service


Friday, 15 July 2011


H&R pak 40 75mm
all these models are based on a 1 inch square bit of mdf with a square cut out of a woodlands scenics grass mat stuck on (quick and easy)


this one is representing a commander hence the aerial
(paint brush bristle)


Ghq 2s6 tunguska

Ghq t-80u

a CinC german stugiii and sdkfz 7/1 20mm flak